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The Palomar Mountain Planning Organization (PMPO) is a nonprofit, membership organization established in the early 1980's to help develop planning goals and proposals for the Palomar Mountain Community. The organization provides guidelines for future economic, social and physical development of the community!

The next PMPO Board Meeting will on November 10th, 2018 at 10:30am, followed by meetings on February 9th, 2019 and the Annual General Meeting on May 25th, 2019 at 10am (after the Annual Pancake breakfast) at the Fire Station

Postal Address
P.O. Box 145
Palomar Mountain
CA 92060-0145


The purpose of the PMPO Communications sub committee is to evaluate current communication processes, determine the efficiency of those processes, recommend areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.
The Communication Committee was disbanded at the 8/22/09

Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting 5/29/09
Meeting 6/12/09
Meeting 6/26/09
Meeting 7/10/09
Meeting 7/31/09
Board Meeting Update 8/22/09
Board Meeting Update 8/22/09 - Post Meeting Updates
Board Meeting Update 11/14/09
Board Meeting Update 11/14/09 - Post Meeting Updates
Board Meeting Update 01/30/10

Article IX - Update
Draft #1 8/21/09
Draft #2 9/22/09
Draft #3 1/29/10 - with Changes
Draft #3 1/29/10 - without Changes noted
Draft #4 1/31/10 - with Changes
Draft #4 1/31/10 - without Changes noted