Easement Project

The San Diego Fires of October 2003 and 2007, where many homes were lost, showed the importance of having properly registered boundary lines and road access to lots. Failure to have documented access means that, following a serious fire, home re-building cannot occur. This Committee is working to resolve parcel access on behalf of landowners. We plan to address all roads on Palomar, one at a time, starting from the far east side of Palomar and working west – rather than dealing with properties on a case by case basis.

The community of Palomar Mountain is composed of those properties located to the north of State Highway 76 (excluding land designated as The La Jolla Indian Reservation) between State Highway 6 (otherwise referred to as South Grade Road), and State Highway 7 (otherwise referred to as East Grade Road) and accessed from those roads. It also includes properties accessed from Nate Harrison Grade outside the boundaries of the Pauma Indian Reservation. All properties are within San Diego County and The Cleveland National Forest.

What is an easement and why would I want one?

An easement is a right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose.

If the physical access route to your property crosses someone else’s property, that property generally is burdened with an easement. The easement grants you the legal right to get to use the road or path in order to reach your property.

Many roads on Palomar are not recognized as being legal by the County, meaning that:

  • If you need to re-build after a firestorm, you may not be granted a permit – Here is the County document listing the minimum essential items for plan submittal for fire victims.
  • If you want to build or add on, you likely won’t be permitted
  • If you want to sell or re-finance your home, some lenders will not loan without a deeded easement to a public road.

Is my property affected?

Affected Areas: 

Road Marker Map
Birch Hill Road
Paved Areas of Crestline Rd
Road Marker 28, on left before Lodge
Map East of the Lodge  (Assessors Map 11)

Additional Maps (Thanks to Mike Pique)

Map of Palomar Camp Site No. 4 (Birch Hill 1924)
Record of Survey ROS-8878 sheet 1 (Birch Hill 1981)
Record of Survey ROS-8878 sheet 2 (Birch Hill 1981)
Record of Survey ROS-9660 (Birch Hill 1984)

Do you own property in Pedley, Baileys, or other areas of the Mountain?

We aren’t quite there yet, but have some solution ideas. We’d be glad to get questions answered.

Individuals assisting with the Easement Project:

  • Cecelia Borland, PMPO Board Member
  • Tom Burton, Retired Attorney
  • Rob Hawk, Engineer
  • Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

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